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Times of the School Day

School opens to children: 8.40am
Registration opens: 8.50am
Registration closes: 8.55am (external classroom doors and gates will be closed at this time too).
(For arrival after 8.55am, children will need to come through the main entrance and will receive a late mark.  Arrival after 9.00am will be logged as an unauthorised absence).

Playtime: 10.30-10.45am

Lunchtime: 12.00-1.00pm

*Collective Worship: 2.40-2.55pm (from 2.30pm on a Wednesday)
End of day: 3.15pm

*Collective Worship Timetable
Monday - Learning Behaviour focus/Attendance Race/Outside Achievements (whole school)
Tuesday - Key Stage (values)
Wednesday - R.E./Singing/Father Glen (whole school)
Thursday - Key Stage (values)
Friday - Celebration (whole school)

During each collective worship, children are given the opportunity to reflect, think and pray. The Year 6 children take it in turns to lead the act of worship during whole school assemblies on Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week.  Each half-term, a different class leads the Collective Worship linked to the focus value.