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Collective Worship at Blundeston

Bishop Graham's Visit

We were delighted to welcome the Bishop of Norwich, Bishop Graham, to the school on Wednesday 20th November 2019.

He arrived to the sound of the Year 6 choir singing one of our favourite songs, Shine Jesus Shine, and immediately went to talk to children who had already gathered in the hall, along with staff, Father Glen, governors and parents.

Bishop Graham spoke to the children about all the special things he has to wear as a Bishop.

The children asked some brilliant questions to find out more about our Bishop and his job.  Examples included "have you explored all the parts of the Cathedral?" and "what made you want to become our Bishop?"

Each class then presented Bishop Graham with cards they had made to welcome him to our school and the Diocese.

Finally, we all joined in to sing a final rendition of Shine Jesus Shine.

Miss Laflin later received a thank you card from Bishop Graham saying how much he had enjoyed his visit.  We hope to welcome him again soon!

Collective Worship (Words of Jesus and our visit to the Cathedral and Mosque)

Collective Worship with a Hindu Speaker

At Blundeston, we have developed a vibrant collective worship programme.  This combines class and whole school worship, with everyone joining together for our celebratory "Blundeston Flourishers" collective worship on Fridays.

We focus on our values of Hope, Joy, Community, Wisdom, Dignity and Peace.  These are interwoven and embedded throughout our collective worship, during the year.


Our worship places Jesus Christ at its centre - who he was, what he said and what he did.  Through collective worship, we want our children to appreciate the significance of his words and deeds and also understand his continuing relevance to our lives today.


We also focus on developing our children's understanding of the Trinity, as well as key themes, including the meaning of The Lord's Prayer, Christianity around the world, Creation and Old Testament stories.


Through collective worship, our children learn about people who have been inspired by their faith and Christianity, as well as significant events in the Christian calendar, those in other religions and Saints Days.


During collective worship, our children are encouraged to think, be still and reflect.  They are able to do this against a backdrop of beautiful images, music and, of course, our wonderful mural.


Our children regularly lead our collective worship, from planning to delivering.  Children enjoy sharing their thoughts and creativity with the rest of the school community.


Children reflect both during and after collective worship.  We collect their reflections as leaves on our Reflection Tree and also in Reflective Journals in each classroom.  These reflections are shared regularly with the whole school community.  Here are some examples:


I’ve learnt that no matter what, I am beautiful in my own way”

“I am proud of me being a Flourisher”

“I’ve learnt that we can be anything if we put our minds to it and push ourselves”

“I liked that it [collective worship] made me realise that even though we like different things, speak a different language and have different colour skin, we are also the same”

“Collective worship means a lot to me as it reinforces my child’s Christian beliefs at home.  I LOVED IT!” (from a parent who attended collective worship)


Finally, we understand the joy of singing as an act of worship.  Our children share a singing worship celebration each week, where they learn a wide repertoire of songs, rooted in Christianity.