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Governors' Information and Duties

Welcome to the Governors' section


The Governors are a group of dedicated volunteers drawn from the local community who have a range of knowledge, skills and experience. 


The Governing Board has three key responsibilities:


  • To ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction for the school
  • To hold the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the performance management of staff
  • To oversee the financial performance of the school and make sure its money is well spent


In doing this, we aim to fully support the school's vision of being "A Place to Flourish".


At Blundeston CEVCP School, there are 12 members on the Governing Board, including staff from the school, parents of children at the school and representatives of the Church, the local council and community.  Together, we make strategic decisions on matters such as performance targets, the school budget, school policies and school improvement plans, putting the needs of the children at the heart of all the decisions we make.


The whole Governing Board meets twice a term.  We also have a Resources sub-committee, who also meet twice a term, with responsibility for specific areas, such as Finance, Personnel, Premises and Health and Safety.


So now that you know who we are and a little about what we do, we hope that you will feel free to approach us whenever you see us.  If you have a question or suggestion, or would like more information about any current Governor vacancies, please do not hesitate to contact us through the school office, or by completing the contact form below.


Best wishes,

Jane Liddell (Chair of Governors)

Our School's Governing Board

The Instrument of Government states that the Governing Board shall consist of:

  • 3 Parent Governors   
  • 3 Co-opted Governors                                                       
  • 1 Local Authority Governor
  • 1 Staff Governor
  • 1 Headteacher
  • 3 Foundation Governors




Miss H. Laflin

Headteacher Governor

Date of Appointment: 01.09.18

Automatic right to be on the Board

Resources and Pay Committees

Declared Interest (2021/2022):-

Pitch Air Ltd (partner - employee)

I first joined the Governing Board as an Associate Governor in 2013, when I was appointed Deputy Headteacher at the school. I then became Headteacher Governor in September 2018. I am extremely proud to lead our vibrant, flourishing and popular Church school of nearly 200 pupils and our team of dedicated and talented staff. Ultimately, my vision for the school is a place where everyone can flourish and this is what I strive for every day for the children and staff at Blundeston CEVC Primary School.




Ms. J. Liddell

Chair of Governors

Co-opted Governor

Date of Appointment: 26.01.20

Appointed by: Community

Office Ends: 25.01.24

Safeguarding, Prevent, SEND & Training Governor

Resources and Pay Committees

No Pecuniary Interests declared (2021/22)

I joined the Governing Board over 20 years ago when my children started at the school, bringing to the role my experience in pre-school provision and adult education. As a governor and local resident, supporting our vibrant community school has proved to be a rewarding experience and I have learnt much along the way. Training has equipped me to participate in all areas of governance, including safeguarding, SEND, recruitment and finance. I strongly believe that a  primary school should both deliver a high standard of education and allow the natural curiosity of each child to flourish, both inside and outside of the classroom.




Mr. D. Gallagher

Local Authority Governor

Date of Appointment: 02.08.20

Elected by: Local Authority

Office Ends: 01.08.24

PE/Pupil Premium & LAC Governor

Resources and Pay Committees

No Pecuniary Interests declared (2021/22)

I have been a governor for about 8 years. I wanted to contribute to the school where my step-daughter was a pupil, hence starting as a Parent Governor. I was interested in how the school operated and felt I could bring the experience that I had in general senior management and governance in other sectors. I have been involved in resources and premises issues and contributed to the recruitment process of the senior leadership team. It has been great to see the school develop over the past few years and I am proud of the culture and ethos of the school. It is both a fabulous place to be a pupil and a member of staff.




Mrs. E. Lewis

Foundation Governor

Date of Appointment: 16.02.20

Appointed by: Diocese

Office Ends: 15.02.24

Collective Worship & Attendance Governor

No Pecuniary Interests declared (2021/2022)

I joined the Governing Board as a Foundation Governor in 1997 when I was working as a teaching assistant at the school. I have had a connection with the school since 1976 when my children attended and I now have grandchildren at the school. I have recently retired from working in schools and see my role as continuing to support the school’s connection with the church.




Mrs. C. Robertson

Vice Chair of Governors

Parent Governor

Date of Appointment: 11.12.20

Elected by: Parent Body

Office Ends: 10.12.24 

IT/Website & Online Safeguarding Governor

Resources and Pay Committees

Declared Interests (2021/22):-

Corby and Fellas (employee)

RWR Renovations (husband - director)

I became a Parent Governor in 2016 in order to offer my help and skills to support the school. I am a working mum and, for many years, was a website project manager. In my current job, I have also developed skills in customer loyalty development and stock management systems. Alongside this, I deal with my husband’s business finances which has helped me in my role as a long-standing committee member of the Resources Committee. Throughout my time as a governor, we have worked together to become a very strong board by building on each other’s experiences and utilising our combined skills to best support, challenge and strengthen the school to improve our children’s education, life skills and learning environment.




Mrs. A. Begley

Foundation Governor

Date of Appointment: 20.05.21

Appointed by: Diocese

Office Ends: 19.05.25

Collective Worship &

Staff Wellbeing Governor

No Pecuniary Interests declared (2021/22)

I moved to Blundeston in 2009 and have become involved in village activities, admiring and enjoying its community spirit. I was aware of the good reputation of the school and joined the Governing Board as a Foundation Governor in June 2021. I look forward to nurturing the existing relationship between the school and St Mary’s Church. Taking on the role of Staff Wellbeing Governor provides me with the opportunity to keep mental health and wellbeing on the agenda - important issues in our ever-changing world.




Mr. P. Strowlger

Co-opted Governor

Date of Appointment: 08.05.18

Appointed by: Community

Office Ends: 07.05.22

Health & Safety/Premises Governor

Resources and Pay Committees (Chair)

No Pecuniary Interests declared (2021/22)

I have lived in Lound for many years and my, now grown-up, two sons and daughter all attended Blundeston Primary School, which means I have a keen interest in helping to maintain it as a great school for the benefit of local children and as a key part of the local community. I have been a Co-opted Governor since 2014. I chair the Resources Committee which oversees the school’s finances, premises maintenance, personnel and health and safety. As a retired professional engineer, I bring experience in all these areas. I find it a source of pride to be able to encourage and support the school’s work and to see the children flourish.




Mrs. R. Jooste

Parent Governor

Date of Appointment: 11.12.20

Elected by: Parent Body

Office Ends: 10.12.24

GDPR Governor

No Pecuniary Interests declared (2021/22)

I am a mother of two boys who both attend Blundeston Primary School and have been a Parent Governor since December 2020. As a retired professional dancer, alongside running my own home improvement business, I teach tap dancing to 3-6 year olds. What I love most about our school is that it is small, friendly and has a wonderful atmosphere for the children to learn in. 





Mr. C. Easterbrook

Staff Governor

Date of Appointment: 02.12.19

Elected by: Staff

Office Ends: 01.12.23

No Pecuniary Interests declared (2021/22)



I have been a proud member of the Governing Board since joining the school as the Deputy Headteacher in 2018. As an active teacher and senior leader in the school, I see my role as being a bridge between staff and governors, helping to share successes, challenges and goals, whilst providing context.

I know that the staff really appreciate having a dedicated, informed and

supportive Governing Board, who are therefore well-equipped to challenge

processes within school and support with ongoing improvements.




Mr. D. Wood

Parent Governor

Date of Appointment: 04.01.22

Elected by: Parent Body

Office Ends: 03.01.26

No Pecuniary Interests declared (2021/22)

I joined the Governing Board in January 2022. I am the proud father of two daughters at Blundeston Primary. I am also a senior marine scientist. In my day job, I collect and analyse data and write scientific reports on offshore wind farms and marine protected areas. I also lead international scientific working groups and offshore surveys. I have managed projects worth £100k to £2 million in both the public and private sectors. I am keen to use my experience and skills to help the school be the best it can be.





Mrs. A. Ryan

Clerk to Governors

Date of Appointment: 18.03.21


Declared Interests (2021/22):

Consortium MAT (Governance Manager)

DNEAT Kingfisher CoE Partnership (Clerk)

DNEAT Moorlands CoE Primary Academy (Clerk)

REAch2 The Limes Primary Academy (Clerk)

DNEAT (Statutory Panels Clerk)

Newton Flotman CoE Primary Academy (Clerk)

Scole CoE VC Primary School IEB (Clerk)

Following a career in banking and as a virtual PA, I joined the world of school governance in 2008, working for the Governance Service in Suffolk (supporting governor training and as a clerk to governing boards).

In 2014, I became a self-employed clerk supporting a range of schools within Norfolk and Suffolk. The role of the governance professional is to provide support and advice to the Governing Board regarding all aspects of effectiveness and compliance. I completed the National Clerks' Development Qualification in 2018.

Governing Board Structure and Terms of Reference

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