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Learning Together Banks

Each half-term, we provide the children with a wide range of activities to choose from, and complete at home, in the form of a Learning Together Bank (for children from Year 1 to Year 6).  The aim is to promote independent learning, creativity and "flourishing" in a different context.  These banks contain engaging activities to complete at home, which complement and support our curriculum.  They also contain reminders for the activities children should be doing every week at home, such as learning their spellings and times tables.



Our aim is that by giving our children this freedom of choice, they will develop their independence skills, as well as their creativity.  We also want to encourage the children to choose tasks that match their interests and learning styles, but also offer activities that they may not have done before to develop their resilience.  Many of the tasks are open ended, which means you can challenge your child to complete them to the best of their ability.  There are also challenge activities for your child to stretch themselves further.


We hope that the children will complete at least 3 activities from the bank each half-term, but they are very welcome to complete as many as they want!  We want the emphasis to be on families working together to explore an activity, although we appreciate that sometimes they will complete an activity by themselves.



As well as earning Dojo points for the tasks they complete, the children in each class vote for two pieces of homework that they think should be awarded a prize at the end of each half-term.  We always enjoy seeing the wonderful creations made by the children!


Year 6 children focus on SATs revision for their homework in the Spring and Summer terms.