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Rewards System

Our rewards system is consistent and age-appropriate.  This system supports, and is supported by, our Behaviour Policy.  Blundeston CEVCP is an inclusive school: we aim to enable every child to experience success.  This means that, sometimes, reasonable adjustments need to be made and systems used to reward and motivate some children need to be modified and/or individualised. 

Children have a traffic light system in their classrooms (gold, silver, green, yellow and red).  The children all start the day on the green traffic light and it is expected that they will stay there or go higher (silver or gold).  However, if a child does not follow the class rules they can be moved down from green to yellow or red, but with the expectation that they will address their behaviour and move back up to green quickly.  Excellent behaviour will result in a child moving up to silver and then the dizzy heights of gold!  

Each week, we hold a celebration collective worship.  Each class and their teachers carefully choose a child who has particularly demonstrated the characteristics of a "Blundeston Flourisher".  The whole school community come together to celebrate with our “Flourishers”.  Each of these children receives a certificate and special sticker from Miss Laflin.  They also get to have lunch with Miss Laflin on the posh Flourishers table!


For further information on our behaviour system, please see our Behaviour Policy under the "About Us/Policies" section.