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You said, we did!

You said...there were too many adults in the hall for the Christmas performances and it was difficult to see some of the children.

So we...changed things so there were two KS1 performances, instead of just one, so we could half the number of adults at each performance.  Also, more staging was purchased so all the children were visible!


You said...too many sweets were coming home from staff, the PTA and for children's birthdays.

So we...stopped staff sending home sweets, reduced the amount handed out by the PTA (including at the Christmas Bazaar) and asked parents not to send in sweet for birthdays.


You said...there were too many different ways that the school communicates with parents and you didn't always know where to look for information.

So we...set up a parent working group to discuss the issue and come up with a plan that works for parents and the school.


You said...the PDF Headteacher's newsletters were difficult to read on devices.

So send out a web-friendly version which can be easily viewed on smartphones.


You wanted a bigger range of after-school clubs.

So we...ran a Science and art club (using one of our local high schools and a graduate).