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Equality Objectives

In accordance with the Equality Act 2010, all schools are required to have a public sector equality duty.  This has two parts, the 'general' duty and 'specific' duties.

The general duty is our overarching legal requirement as a school and means that we must consider how our policies, practices and day to day activities impact on pupils and staff. 


To ensure we are compliant with our specific duties, we have 'due regard' to the need to: 

  • Eliminate unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimisation (through our Anti-Bullying Policy, curriculum, Christian ethos, nurture and pastoral support work)
  • Advance equality of opportunity (through our SEND Policy, curriculum, visits and visitors programme, nurture and pastoral support work)
  • Foster good relations (through our Christian ethos, curriculum, nurture and pastoral support work)
  • Follow robust recruitment procedures, in line with the 'Keeping children safe in education' DfE statutory guidance, to safeguard and promote the welfare of children (through our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy and strong safeguarding culture)


With the above in mind, our equality objectives for 2020/21 are:
  • To narrow any gaps in attainment and progress that have arisen between groups of pupils within the school community by ensuring that all groups and individuals have their needs fully met in order to achieve their full potential.  We will use the Pupil Premium Grant to help us to achieve this.  
  • To promote spiritual, moral, social and cultural development through all appropriate curricular opportunities with particular reference to issues of equality and diversity, with a view to reducing the number of incidents of hostile attitudes and behaviour towards minority groups.


For further information, please see our Equalities Policy and Accessibility Plan under the "About Us/Policies" section.