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Pupil Voice & Leadership

Our School/Eco Council

This consists of two elected representatives from each class, with a Year 6 Chairperson.  They meet regularly and the agendas for the meetings consist of items that the Council have had brought to their attention by their peers and items that the staff would like them to discuss, with a particular focus on making the school a green and sustainable place to be.

They also organise and run charity fundraising events, such as Red Nose Day and Children in Need.

Miss Johnson and Miss Sweeney help the children to organise the meetings.  Feedback is given to the staff at their staff meetings and to Governors at Governing Board meetings.

Our Digital Leaders

These children are elected by their peers.  They help support the work of the two Online Safeguarding Leads in school by promoting good online safety practice to other children.  They work with individual classes, deliver assemblies, run online safety competitions and help plan our Safer Internet Day in school.

UK Parliament Week

Children learnt about voting in the Houses of Parliament and then voted on a range of statements with their opinion.  Then they worked in groups to collaboratively design a new firework. They had to listen to each other's ideas and vote on preferred choices to come up with an agreed plan.  The class were amazing at taking on board other views!









Children in Key Stage 2 created their own parties with posters, slogans and manifestos.  They then had to "campaign" for votes!