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As you will be aware, children’s good attendance at school is crucial to ensure they flourish.  Our Christian ethos supports our work in this area, by encouraging our children to be the very best they can be, as God intended.  Our aim is that our school is a place where children want to be.  The school's absence figure for 2018/19 (3.16%) was well below the national percentage figure (3.86%).

As a school, we are continually looking for ways to promote and reward good attendance.  

Individual Attendance
Each term, children with 100% attendance will be rewarded with a gold certificate, those with 99% attendance will be given a silver certificate and those with 98% attendance will be rewarded with a bronze certificate.  Parents/carers of these children will receive a congratulatory letter from the Headteacher to acknowledge and celebrate this achievement.

At the end of the academic year, those children who have had 100% attendance all year will receive a “100% Attendance” badge to proudly wear.

Children will also be entered into our weekly "Golden Ticket Lottery" if they have been in school on time all week.  At the end of each term, each class will draw out a winner.  Obviously, the more raffle tickets a child has, the more chance they have of winning the prize!

Class Attendance

Each week, the attendance of each class is calculated and recorded on the Attendance Board in the hall.  The winning class gets ownership of the attendance trophy for the following week.  Each half-term, the class with the highest attendance overall wins a class prize!

We are confident that these systems will encourage children to be in school every day and will foster a positive attitude to attendance.

Please remember that late arrival, after the registers close at 8.55am will be logged as a late mark and arrival after 9.00am will be recorded as an unauthorised absence.