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Our vision is for our school to be “A place to flourish”. This is based on John 10:10 when Jesus said "I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full". This is what we want for everyone in our school community: to reach their potential, as God intended. We see flourishing in its broadest sense, and not just academically, as we understand that flourishing will mean different things, to different people, at different times. We want our whole school community to flourish, underpinned by our Christian ethos and fundamental British values.

Through our curriculum, we want to unlock children’s potential and enable them to discover their interests and talents, across the curriculum, be it art, music or sport. We also want to give our children concrete opportunities and experiences, taking advantage of our wonderful local area, as well as our status as a Church school. Our vision is for children to create “beautiful work” that they share with others, and to build on their previous learning by making key links.

Our curriculum provides opportunity for spiritual growth and development. Through using the concept of 'wows', 'ows' and 'nows', we ensure children experience, and learn about, the good and breath-taking moments of life (wows), the challenges and struggles of life (ows) and the incidental and spontaneous moments in life (nows).

We also want our children to have the opportunity to contribute to the community, using their pupil voice through pupil leadership. 

For more information on our curriculum, please see your child's teacher(s), or your child's year group class page (under the "Learning > Class Pages" section), or see Tapestry and Class Dojo.