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At Blundeston CEVC Primary School, safeguarding and promoting the welfare of our children and staff is a key priority: one which we view as belonging to all of us.  We take this responsibility seriously as we want to ensure that everyone is able to flourish.


All staff and Governors undertake regular safeguarding and child protection training, as well as specialised training in areas such as The Prevent Duty. 


Our Designated Safeguarding Lead and Alternates are trained to a high standard to ensure concerns are dealt with robustly and effectively, as well as offering advice and support. 


We have staff members and Governors who are trained in safer recruitment to ensure that we only employ people with the right values, attitudes and behaviour to work in our school.  We carry out rigorous recruitment procedures and checks in order to achieve this.


We have a comprehensive Early Help Offer available, using the expertise and knowledge of our own staff, as well as external agencies. 

Our Safeguarding Team

Our Safeguarding Team 1 Helen Laflin-Designated Safeguarding/Prevent Lead
Our Safeguarding Team 2 Craig Easterbrook - Deputy Safeguarding Lead
Our Safeguarding Team 3 Kelly Tillett - Deputy Safeguarding Lead
Our Safeguarding Team 4 Susan Robson - Deputy Safeguarding Lead
Our Safeguarding Team 5 Maxine Clarke - Online Safeguarding Lead
Our Safeguarding Team 6 Kim Gowen - Online Safefguarding Lead
Our Safeguarding Team 7 Jane Liddell - Safeguarding/Prevent Governor